Stripey Lemon with Jaldee Jaldee

I am full of admiration for Fagoon Lakhani who has set up her own business preparing delicious Indian street food in Brighton and serving up mouth watering dishes in pop up style via local pubs and events.

Her life now as a cook is a far cry from her previous role at Westminster and I was intrigued to learn more about Jaldee Jaldee as word on the street had reached me that Fagoon's food was not to be missed.

So, I put on my walking boots one lovely sunny day in early October and set off in the direction of the sea to meet up with Fagoon in her kitchen to spend a day in her shoes. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast of the 'Food and Drink Show' featuring Jaldee Jaldee. The show is a Stripey Lemon Production for Radio Reverb 97.2 FM.

Karen Morton | Brighton | Stripey Lemon

Karen Morton | Brighton | Stripey Lemon

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