Karen, originally from Dublin now living in Sussex, is an experienced public speaker and creative thinker having worked at motivating teams from all backgrounds to deliver effectively within their roles. She exudes warmth and enthusiasm that proves infectious and reassuring for less confident employees and within organizations managing change.

Karen is accredited for C-me profiling which is a fantastic way to highlight the strengths of people within your business, ideal for talent development and Belbin Team Roles which is a strategic tool for strengthening team performance and project management. Karen also has a certificate in equality and diversity and can lead facilitated workshops; a key part of great leadership today.

Karen trained in PR and Radio Broadcasting in Ireland and her career has seen her extend her skill base to leading high profile sales promotions in Ireland, UK, Germany, USA, and Hong Kong involving retail and media campaigns. Working for a Sussex based radio station Karen hosted the breakfast show for 3 years on Saturdays which included a feature slot called ‘Wheels’ – promoting new cars on the market and motoring updates. She also created sponsored features on behalf of local dealerships such as Toyota, Audi and Honda - test driving cars and reporting her findings on radio.




Step Up 

Learning and development is all about stepping up to new challenges and growing your skills and knowledge.

Step In 

Just like you change your shoes to suit the occasion it is important that you step into the right learning event that fits well, is comfortable and will allow you to learn new skills and techniques so you can dance delightfully; build your resilience to tackle tough terrains in times of change or perhaps you are going for those sparkly killer heels to stand tall when you have to make a presentation and your personal impact is everything. You may on the other hand have BIG shoes to fill and need to develop your management skills.
If your business is growing and you are not sure what steps to take next with regards to training - Stripey Lemon can spend a day walking in your shoes getting to know your business and help you take it one step at a time.


Take a look at three of our current workshops in the Stepping Up programme and if you like what you see – take the next step and get in touch. Call Karen on 07789990704.

We can help you with the design and delivery of training workshops both face to face in the training room and remotely via webinars as well as  support through coaching or mentoring.

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